Platinum Bullion Buy Sell Prices

BUY SELL POLICY:  These prices are a guide and due to possible error all negotiations will be verified on current spot prices at times of sale.  Beck’s has the right to accept or refuse any deal at any time.  Please call and talk to an agent to discuss your purchase or sale.  Not all items listed are currently available.
Platinum Bullion We Buy We Sell
Platinum Maple 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf Coin $1,270.37/toz $1,339.60/toz
Platinum bar Recognized Platinum Bar $1,206.85/toz $1,326.90/toz
Unrecognized Platinum Bar $1,143.33/toz $1,326.90/toz
– At Beck’s We have a full time gemologist ready to appraise your gemstones and pay you top dollar.
Diamonds We Buy We Sell
Diamond Up to 0.19 $50/ct ($250/gram) Call For Quote
Diamond 0.20-0.25 $100/ct ($500/gram) Call For Quote
Diamond 0.26-0.39 $160-$250/ct Call For Quote
Diamond 0.40-0.49 $250+/ct Call For Quote
Diamond 0.50 ct or more By Appointment Call For Quote