Beck VIP Gold & Silver Acquisition Program

We have a new bullion acquisition program.

This is a VIP program for investors looking for $10K + physical bullion acquisitions.

How it works.  You deposit $10K minimum with Beck’s.  You set the bid price of your order.

You will be placed in a database in order based on your bid.  The higher the bid the closer you are to the top of the fill order.

We will place the highest bid price daily.  You can raise your bid at any time but you cannot lower your bid.

Benefits For Bullion Buyers

You will get your desired quantity of physical gold as fast as possible.

You don’t have to phone every day hoping stock is available.

When your order is complete you pick it up.

Updated Bid Price Jan 30, 2021

Current Bid Gold Spot +6.0 % 

Current Bid Silver Spot +15.0 %

Current Bid Platinum Spot +8.0 %

Current Bid Palladium Spot +11.0 %

Benefits For Bullion Sellers

Beck’s can offer even higher buy prices.

Client Registration Form.

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E-Transfer –

Bank Drafts – Payable to Beck Antiques & Jewellery Inc.

Firma Becks

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Beck VIP Bullion Application