Precious metals markets rose dramatically Friday as the world re-opens.  The question I have to ask is why it has taken this long for a break out in prices.  Gold and Silver have been the hedge against global unrest.  A global pandemic in my opinion is the ultimate in global disaster scenarios.  So why is it that metals have not had greater increases.  My opinion is that the paper markets have for some reason been pushing the metals markets down.  I believe there is evidence to support this theory.  The futures markets and investment firms tell clients that they have physical silver and gold to back up their investments but most have little or no actual metals to support their investments.  My belief is that they are pushing prices down to stop people from calling or cashing in there positions as if prices rose dramatically and clients demanded there physical metal or cash it would bankrupt these companies.

As a rule always ask for the real metal.  A piece of paper is literally worthless and in many cases a complete fugazi.

Am I crazy?  Am I joining the conspiracy camp.  I think it may be time to go camping.

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