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Conflict Diamonds

There has been a lot of attention paid to conflict diamonds in the recent past. While conflict diamonds have been a very big concern to the diamond industry, today 99% of the world’s diamonds are conflict free. The media tends to focus on the negative aspects of the diamond industry and it rarely brings to light some of the good that is occurring today because of diamonds.

Color Enhanced Diamonds

Beautiful fancy colored diamonds are steadily growing in popularity. Natural fancy colored diamonds are very rare, extremely attractive, and tremendously expensive. Very few people have the pleasure of owning one of these brilliantly intense stones. But with modern advancements in the diamond industry, it is now possible to enhance the color of a dim or pale diamond into a radiating colored stone.

The Fluorescence of a Diamond

Diamond Fluorescence is a hotly debated topic among the diamond industry, because some feel strongly that it has an impact on a value of the diamond, whereas others feel that it makes very little difference on the appearance of the diamond. What diamond fluorescence refers to is the ability of the diamond to emit a soft colored glow when put under an ultraviolet light, or black light as it may be called.