Monthly archives: April, 2020

How Manipulated Are The Bullion Markets?

The paper markets for bullion seem to be over-riding common sense.  Most of us have been preparing our investment portfolio by investing in precious metals for many years.  I have no idea how every dealer in the world is completely sold out and yet prices are flat.  When people start asking for contracts to be filled what will happen.  These are very unusual times.  Good luck to you all.

Beck Announces New VIP Aquisition Program

Clinton Beck of Beck Gold & Silver Brokers has instituted a new bullion acquisition program to deal with these unprecedented times caused by the global pandemic.  “The problem currently worldwide is acquiring bullion.  A worldwide shortage is taking place with now end in sight” says Beck, “We are thinking outside the box of how we can deal with these crazy times.  This program will mean we can purchase bullion at higher prices to fill a massive need.”

Clinton is part of a growing group of experts who are questioning the current prices worldwide when no supply is available.  Many experts believe the current paper futures markets and completely unrealistic and completely manipulated.