What is your gold worth?

Premium Jewellery

Premium JewelleryPrice
24kt Premium (99.9% pure gold)$48.45 / g
22kt Premium (91.6% pure gold)$44.39 / g
21kt Premium (87.5% pure gold)$42.4 / g
18kt Premium (75.0% pure gold)$36.34 / g
14kt Premium (58.5% pure gold) $28.35 / g
10kt Premium (41.7% pure gold)$20.21 / g
9kt Premium (37.5% pure gold)$18.17 / g


Gold JewelleryPrice
24kt (99.9% pure gold)$42.13/g
22kt (91.6% pure gold) $37.75/g
21kt (87.5% pure gold) $35.99/g
18kt (75.0% pure gold)$30.73/g
14kt (58.5% pure gold)$23.70/g
10kt (41.7% pure gold)$16.68/g
9kt (37.5% pure gold)$14.92/g
Sterling Silver Flatware (92.5% pure silver) $0.45/g
Sterling Silver Jewellery (92.5% pure silver)$0.41/g
Mexican Silver Jewellery (92.5% pure silver)$0.35/g
999 Platinum (99.9% pure platinum)$27.06/g
950 Platinum (95% pure platinum)$25.73/g

Gold Coins

Canadian Gold CoinsPrice
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 9999$1,613.31/coin
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Damaged or 999$1,587.31/coin
Gold Maple Leaf under 1 oz$52.20/g
Canadian $100 1976 Coin (22kt)$737.12/coin
Canadian $100 1976 Coin (14kt)$368.56/coin
Canadian $100 1977-1986 Coin (22kt)$737.12/coin
Canadian $100 1976-1986 Coin (14kt)$368.56/coin
Canada $200 1990-2012$737.12/coin
Miscellaneous Canadian 14k Coin$27.65/g
Miscellaneous Canadian 22k Coin$43.45/g
World Gold CoinsPrice
American Gold Buffalo (99.9% pure gold)$1,587.31/oz
American Gold Eagle (91.6% pure gold)$1,473.28/oz
Austrian Ducat (98.5% pure gold)$162.96/Ducat
British Sovereign (91.6% pure gold)$346.50/coin
Chinese Panda (99.9% pure gold)$1,587.31/oz
French Gold Franc (90% pure gold)$159.13/10 Francs
Iranian Pahlavi (90% pure gold)$347.28/Pahlavi
Mexican Gold 50 Peso (90% pure gold)$1,777.33/coin
South African Krugerrand (91.6% pure gold)$1,473.28/coin
Other Gold Coins (per gram of pure gold)$47.46/g AGW

Silver Coins

Canadian Silver CoinsPrice
Silver Maple Leaf Coin$21.22/oz
1919 and Earlier Coins (92.5% pure silver)$10.83/dollar
1920-1966 Coins (80% pure silver)$9.36/dollar
1967 Coins (63% pure silver)$7.37/dollar
1968 Coins (50% pure silver)$5.85/dollar
1976 Montreal Olympic $10 Coin$24.45/coin
1976 Montreal Olympic $5 Coin$12.23/coin
1976 Montreal Olympic Coin$0.50/g
Miscellaneous Canadian Coins (92.5% pure silver)$0.57/g
Miscellaneous Canadian Coins (50% pure silver)$0.31/g
American Silver CoinsPrice
Silver American Eagle$21.37/coin
1964 and Earlier - Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes$11.91/dollar
1965 - 1970 US Half Dollars$2.37/coin
World Silver CoinsPrice
Recognized Silver Bullion Coins$20.30/oz
Other Recognized Silver Coins (per gram of pure silver)$0.48/g ASW


Gold BullionPrice
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 9999$1,613.31/coin
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Damaged or 999$1,587.31/coin
Gold Maple Leaf under 1 oz$52.20/g
1 oz Recognized Gold Bar$1,605.12/bar
5 oz Recognized Gold Bar$7,936.55/bar
10 oz Recognized Gold Bar$15,594.91/bar
Unrecognized Gold Bars $1,513.67/oz
Palladium BullionPrice
1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf Coin$1,312.95/coin
Recognized Palladium Bar$1,285.88/oz
Unrecognized Palladium Bar$1,213.93/oz
Silver BullionPrice
Silver Maple Leaf Coin $5$21.24/oz
American Eagle Silver Coin$21.37/oz
1 oz Recognized Silver Bar$20.51/oz
5 oz Recognized Silver Bar$5.34/bar
10 oz Recognized Silver Bar$203.00/bar
1kg Recognized Silver Bar$652.74/bar
50 oz Recognized Silver Bar$1,015.01/bar
100 oz Recognized Silver Bar$2,008.65/bar
Unrecognized Silver Bar$18.16/oz
Platinum BullionPrice
1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf Coin$1,166.19/coin
Recognized Platinum Bar$1,142.14/oz
Unrecognized Platinum Bar$1,078.24/oz


Up to 0.19$50/ct ($250/gram)
0.20-0.25$100/ct ($500/gram)
0.50 ct or moreBy Appointment